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Laurie Holmes - Laser Coach

Tired of being Stuck?

Feel Like your life is a rollercoaster ride that you cannot get off?

How do you know today that you are not operating out of a past childhood decision you made that is hamstringing you from doing something you want to do right now?

In my laser sessions, I help people uncover the innocent choices they made while in a vulnerable and scared state of mind, that created a persona to deal with the said experience that is still influencing thoughts and feelings in their present reality!

What would it be like to dissolve that innocent creation and misunderstanding? Who would you be without that belief or story about you? What would living life be like then?

If you are curious to find out, please contact me for a free 45 minute Laser Coaching Session.

What will Laser Coaching Do?

👉 Uncover unconscious beliefs

What are the beliefs that you created about yourself in childhood?

👉 Recognize where your body stores emotions

Know the difference between emotional memory in your body and physical pain.

👉 Do You Know Where Your Feelings are Coming From?

Misunderstandings of where our feelings are coming from often cause judgemental behavior of self and others.

👉 Letting go of the persona created to protect You

The persona was created to protect you from something you believe was real.

It’s like a spa treatment that brings clarity to why we keep doing things.

She knows how to pull a person out of a spiral of thinking. She throws you the life buoy when you’re in the vortex of your thinking, to pull you back out and be that support.

And I’ll keep working with her because the growth I’ve seen in months compared to years of trying prior .. there are no words.” – Christa Theg about working with Laurie.

Get A Glimpse – Watch Powerful Laser Illumination Sessions

Powerful Clarity Laser Illumination Coaching with Lee Bradford

Powerful Clarity Laser Illumination Coaching with Lee Bradford

Diving deep into understanding the hidden self limiting beliefs we created in childhood we still think are true as an adult. Curious what a Laser Coaching session could do for YOU? Check out the details here and get in touch to schedule your complimentary session.

Powerful Clarity Laser Illumination Coaching with Cheryl Reum

Powerful Clarity Laser Illumination Coaching with Cheryl Reum

Following the repeating pattern in her life that went back to early childhood memory where she decided something was true, that had been with her all her life, until she saw the truth. Curious what a Laser Coaching session could do for YOU? Check out the details here...

Life Changing!

"First let me say, Laurie is a beautiful soul. Before I had a session with her I felt stuck and enslaved by my thinking. I actually came to Laurie not really knowing what I needed. I wanted to create visibility in my business as a coach. It was Laurie that created an awareness within me without her telling me what I needed to be aware of. My whole life took on a whole different direction. I can not explain the 3 Principles, but, what I can say is what you think is holding you back, is not what is holding you back. Laurie, will gently guide you and create the space for you to become aware of who you really are. Meeting Laurie has changed my life!" - Cindy Virginia

Outstanding Experiance!

"Laurie is an outstanding coach. She helped change my life forever. You will never find a more loving, caring or intuitive person to help you move forward. I just can't say enough good things about her." - Debbie Freeman Buckbinder

A Brilliant Coach!

"Laurie has something that is very rare - She is a brilliant coach and also an intuitive person. Laurie is deeply connected to her wisdom reminds others of their own wisdom in a caring and sometimes surprising way. I have worked with her in a group she calls "Creating from the unknown" and the way wisdom showed up was not at all linear - for me this was at times confusing, but once I realized that the truth is in me and not in Laurie - amazing stuff happened - because creating from the unknown has to break down our linear conceptual mind and let the light in! Thanks Laurie, you are a great inspiration!" - Chris Nunan


"Laurie Holmes has managed to help me finally see what I would love to create in my life that can be of Service to others. So if you want to create the life you want she’s the best." - Mireille Lepelblad

Super Fan!

"I am Laurie’s superfan. I cannot count the many ways in which Laurie has helped me create space around whatever problem I was creating so that I could see what was happening with a deeper understanding and from a point of clarity. I have had the biggest insights of my life during and after sessions with Laurie.
I love how honest Laurie is: I never have to wonder or second-guess. She says what she sees. She relates really well and seeks to understand from my point of view - no matter what that is.
" - Marlena Thillhon-Haslam

Beautiful Inside & Out!

"Laurie Holmes is beautiful inside and out. Laurie creates a safe quiet space that allows for your own wise inner voice to be heard. She is a true Angel among us." - Julianne Del Cano-Kennard


"Tonight I had the most illuminating online interaction with Laurie Holmes- who facilitated a space of Alchemy - magnifying the expression of who I am at a soul level!" - Jenny Schmal

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