Laurie Holmes Clarity Laser Illumination Coach

Jumping Into Joyous Creation

A 3 months deep dive into discovering All that you Are

Laurie Holmes - Laser Illumination Coach

I have a very special invitation for you

and I didn’t want you to miss out as I only have 6 spaces available.

This is the culmination of all my hearts work in the field of Subtractive Psychology based on the Insights of Sydney Banks who created the 3 Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness.

This simple understanding has the power to shift our perceptive reality. What that can do for us is Everything. Understanding the power in how the mind works to either aid us or get in our way is at the heart and soul of what I have created below.

I know if you are even a tiny bit curious as to how that could help you then please keep reading…


One thing I am sure of is when you combine powerful deep 1-1 coaching and mini group workshops with exercises, you create the space for exponential growth to take place.

I have been leading groups for over forty years. I know the power is in the group dynamics. Each person adds their own perspective, and unique understanding to the group. Insights occur when more than one person is gathered together and asks questions or gives feedback and fresh new ideas are explored.

The group container is a very nurturing environment

where the participants are safe to ask questions and share your challenges and triumphs.

1-1 coaching

is the place where you will go deeply into the areas you most want to experience growth in. We can’t see what we can’t see, until someone else points it out. Otherwise we are blindly stumbling around going in endless circles, getting nowhere. All we need is light so we can SEE what’s really there.

Years ago I was in a coaching program and the best analogy for this was given.

Imagine you are in a pitch dark warehouse, standing somewhere in the middle. The only thing you have with you is a flashlight. If you shine the flashlight on the floor it will illuminate enough space to see, and that is enough light to find your way, step by step to the exit.

What I am really excited about is combining the two things I love most:

Groups and individual coaching.

This container is what creates miracles for everyone involved. If you participate fully you will find the answers you are seeking.

As an Alchemist, Spiritual Clarity Coach, and Empathic Healer, I am creating a place for you to dive deep into discovering All that you Are and are not. To see the Wholeness and Wellness within you, and the endless creativity to have what your heart and soul really desire. The only one stopping you from having it is the ego/saboteur.

What gets in our way of fully realizing our true authentic selves, is a belief in not being good enough or fully deserving all that we desire.

Step into the possibilities that you are already Worthy, Deserving and Enough. 

Join the Three Month Program:

👉 Begins May 6th with the first group session. 90 minutes

👉 All group sessions will be on Saturday, twice a month. They will be recorded. You are encouraged to attend to get the most out of your program. Mini breakthrough sessions will be in each group workshop.

👉 Individual 1-1 coaching 2x a month-1 hour each. It will be scheduled in between the group sessions to get the most value from the group work, and individual coaching sessions.

Here’s how you know if this program is for you:

  1. You struggle with negative beliefs about yourself.
  2. You can’t seem to get where you want to go, and are frustrated and unhappy with the level of success you have already obtained. 
  3. You are ready to get to the next level but don’t know how. 
  4. You keep pushing yourself, but end up back in the same place that you have already been. 
  5. You are tired of running on the hamster wheel, and don’t know how to get off. 

What you will get from Being in this program: 

  1. A clearer understanding of who you really are.
  2. What you really really want to create in the world. 
  3. Goals that are attainable to achieve. 
  4. Relationships that are fulfilling and satisfying. 
  5. Being more in love with your self and your life. 

Your investment for this program:

  1. One payment of $1195
  2. 3 payments of $410

or get in touch to schedule a coversation to get clear if Jumping Into Joyous Creation is right for you.

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