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Lyn Smith invited me to be a guest on her Hearts Entwined podcast – Love, Dating & Relationship support, guidance, advice and tips with Lyn Smith – The Queen of HEARTS.

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This is how Lyn introduces the episode:

“It’s easy to mistake when we feel good in someone’s presence, that it’s totally the other person who’s making us feel that way”

Lyn is in conversation with Laurie Holmes a Transformation Coach in this inspiring episode that has something in it for everyone.

They discuss what falling deeply in love is really about, why it’s essential that if we want to experience true love at it’s highest level, we need to understand the importance of loving ourselves first, and that love is something that comes from within.

Laurie shares that she grew up with the idea that ‘someone else’ was going to make her happy, this is a common misunderstanding and it’s only when we get educated and become more aware of the fact that true happiness comes from within, that we stop expecting someone else to be responsible for it.

Our happiness is not reliant on another person or thing, happiness comes from within first and foremost, and it’s all about taking responsibility and embracing all aspects of ourselves, listen in to find out more…


  • If you are in any relationship where you have ‘expectations’ then you are never going to be satisfied because the other person is never going to be able to live up to your expectations, it’s almost impossible. You’re are just setting yourself and them up for failure.
  • If you have a relationship built around mutually respecting, admiring and loving each other then it will continue to grow and be beautiful
  • My parents loved each other daily but also had a toxic relationship in the way they interacted with each other
  • Once you have done the inner work on yourself you will gain new insights and awareness which will positively transform your relationships
  • For some people starting with self-love can be very difficult.
  • It’s about loving all of you, loving all of the different aspects of yourself, loving all the different experiences and knowing that you are ok. Even if the experiences when they happened were negative at the time, you have learnt valuable lessons, grown and deserve love like everyone else.
  • I realised everything that I was seeking was already inside me, that’s when I was able to start enjoying relationships and having fun
  • When we look at everything on our planet, we know it’s all energy – whether it’s a solid, liquid or gas!
  • If we look at ourselves we are essentially cells made up of pure energy.
  • In women it is the feminine energy and in men the masculine energy that is usually more dominant, it’s the polarisation of these energies that creates attraction and takes the relationship up to the next level.


‘Now men are coming out of the woodwork and it’s not because I’m chasing them, it’s showing up naturally and organically’

‘We can embrace all of us, every bit, even our lined and wrinkled faces and our bodies that become saggy through time’

‘It’s a symbiotic relationship – one that’s a give and take relationship’

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