What does it mean to awaken someone’s inner genius? To me it is watching what happens in a transformative conversation that creates the space for insights(aka: a sight within your mind) to happen in the clients experience. You could say it happens inside a feeling of peace and clarity.

From this space of peace and clarity the client is totally open to seeing something that they have not seen before. New possibilities arise, and new opportunities are presented to them as they are in a space of allowing life to flow through them, not at them. Once you understand where your experience is actually coming from, you stop blaming the circumstances for your unhappiness, and realize that happiness is always available inside you. The moment you are no longer allowing the outside world to influence your thinking; you are free. 

Laurie Holmes - Awakening your Inner Genius

What I love about having impactful conversations in this space is, that it is not so much about what is being said, as much as it is about what is being felt. The absence of habitual thinking creates a vacuum inside your mind. The old habit is to fill the silence with noise. In this new understanding it is allowing that space to fill with feeling and do nothing with it at all. It is not reacting to your own thinking or believing it is real, that is so transformative. That to some might seem counterintuitive, when actually it is in that space that insights often show up. We all have the capacity for fresh new ideas and new thinking, when we are not living inside a self judging, self limiting understanding of who we really are.

My best writing comes to me when I quit the chatter inside my head, and just allow the words to flow from my fingers. I am often surprised at the level of understanding I have written without any noticeable habitual thinking going on along with it. The freedom in that space is genius.

Someone who is new to this understanding of the 3 Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought, may not understand what it is to live inside a feeling. What does that even mean? The best analogy I can offer is the feeling you have when you have nothing visible in your mind, like when you connect with the person you love, or take a walk in a beautiful place, or swim In the ocean, or hold your precious baby for the first time. Those are the moments when our critical mind is quiet and we dance with the feeling of life flowing through us. What if you could access that feeling in every moment? What then would be possible? That is the space of Awakening your Inner Genius!

My biggest Insight was realizing that my day to day thinking was a combination of past situations I worried over, future scenarios I worried about and anxiety over what others thought of me, and how I had handled a situation or how I was going to handle a future situation. You could say that worry and anxiety were my normal, sprinkled with moments of judge mental and critical thinking about others, but mainly about myself. I was not very happy and satisfied with how life was treating me! I was a victim looking to blame someone or something  outside me, for how I was feeling inside. I pretended I was ok, but inside I knew I was not. Then while I was in a 3 Principles course back in 2013, an insight slammed me upside the head. I wasn’t aware of what happened in that moment until I woke up the next morning in the feeling I described above. It was a magical space devoid of my habitual critical thinking. That feeling of peace and clarity lasted for four days. Over the next six years I studied to become a Certified Transformative Coach, so I could create that same space for my clients. What knocked out the habitual critical thinking, was a new thought. “What if I made it all up, and none of it is true?” If you have a critic inside your head, what if you asked it that same question? What would your life look like if the critic no longer was in charge? 

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