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Laurie Holmes - Laser Illumination Coach

I’ve Worn Many Hats

In all my years on this planet, I have had many triumphs and tragedies. They have molded me into the woman I am today. Without those experiences, I might not possess the skill set that I have today. What I have discovered, like a secret ingredient that makes life worth living in the face of challenges and adversities, is a profound knowledge about who I truly am.

This knowledge is not unique to just me, but every human being on this planet. It has taken me a while to appreciate and acknowledge it for myself fully.

We’ve All Been There

When I was younger, confusion and depression were a large part of my life. I was fighting to stay in control of my thoughts, pretending I was ok when I felt anything but ok inside. I grew up the oldest of four in rural Long Island, New York. My dear mother struggled her whole life with manic episodes, later diagnosed as Bipolar. This created a family dynamic that was often caustic and dysfunctional. At a young age, I was deathly afraid that I would end up being drugged and hospitalized too, so I strived very hard to appear as normal as I could while falling apart inside.

At that point in my life, I questioned everything. I felt incapable of making sound decisions and taking care of myself; hence I married the first person I became close with when I was at college. That marriage was over before it started, five years and two beautiful sons later. My world broke apart both outside and inside.

The Courage to Change

My self-development journey began when I was twenty five. Around the time, I left my alcoholic husband and was taking care of my two young sons. I was gifted by a dear friend to take the est training in New Jersey. I had no idea what enlightenment was or why I needed it. By the end of the training, I had an insight that I was living my life in my past horrible memories and
castigating myself for awful choices, and being fearful of a future that had not arrived yet and never would. What I wasn’t doing was living in the moment.

Getting Free

Since 2012, I have worked as a certified Life Coach and Spiritual Coach, via the understanding of the 3 Principles that was created by a man named Sydney Banks*.
Combining both Life Coaching and Spiritual Coaching makes sense to me, as my inward journey has opened up more and more, and deepened my understanding of how life works.

Once we see and understand our true nature, then a world of possibilities opens up that affords ideas and creativity that we might not have allowed ourselves to experience. Once we stop limiting ourselves, then our imagination can flourish. I am genuinely interested in seeing people thrive and be the best version of themselves that is possible. At a young age, I was a dreamer and had a vivid imagination as my external world was often frightening. Now I allow that imagination to flow again freely without fear, as I know with the flow of ideas, we become more creative and less judgmental of what we create.

The notion that we can fail freely and try things out is a marvelous experience. I was so afraid to fail; I was younger, so I stopped trying. Now I embrace failure as a stepping stone to success.

So as both your life coach and spiritual mentor, what I create space for is your natural curiosity and clarity to come through. I help you see your true self. The one you have been hiding from for a very long time. That self is naturally resilient and creative and filled with possibilities. Life has a way of making us think that we are failures if it hasn’t turned out the way we envisioned it. We give up to quickly and fall victim to our thinking. We believe the stories we tell ourselves. We listen to the voice of doubt instead of the voice of reason.

As your coach, I will point you back to the truth of who you are.

Then life becomes an adventure lived moment to moment, without limits, where anything is possible!

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